Amazing Birds

When I was little I loved coloring books.  There was something enchanting about bringing animals, characters, and landscapes to life in color.  Now that I am older, I kind of miss it, and to be honest, the kids coloring books that my daughter really do not offer the challenge that I like.

I’ve been hearing a lot about adult coloring books, and I really wanted to try them out.  I was able to get the Amazing Birds developed by Tali Carmi coloring book for free in exchange for my review, and I was so excited.

Amazing birds

I was not disappointed in this coloring book at all.  The whole book is full of beautiful of exotic birds from all over the world like the cockatoo.  Other birds include the hummingbird, swan, hawk, and more.

amazing birds

My first coloring was the cockatoo.  I didn’t have any of the fancy colored pencils or markers that a lot of people are using to color these adult coloring books, but I did have some pretty nice Crayola crayons. I have to say that I had a blast coloring this picture.  It’s actually oddly relaxing to see the bird come to life in the colors I want it to be. I just let my imagination run wild.  My daughter even spent more time coloring her own picture since I too was coloring.

Over all I loved the Amazing Birds coloring book, and I am excited to see what other coloring books they come out with for adults.

If you would like to see about getting your very own Amazing Birds adult coloring book, you can find it on Amazon and their website. Weather the book is free or $20, it is really worth the cost, and a great stress reducer.

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  1. I bought one of this adult coloring book last month and just recently finished coloring it last week. This book is absolutely amazing. The color illustrations are gorgeous and just show you the best that can be done. The paper quality is also great. I am truly in love with this adult coloring book. The cover is so bright and uplifting because of its vibrant colors. And the coloring pages are filled with details, that allows for a more complex and engaging experience. As I completed each page, It was extremely relaxing, very fulfilling and my mind was at ease from all the stress from my work. I also have this adult coloring book which is great too! It has 74 images in total waiting for us to color, and each is printed on one side of the paper, for the best coloring experience. The images and designs range from quite easy to very difficult, so there is something to suit colorists of all levels.

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