Winter can be hard on those with arthritis and other joint pain.  Those who suffer from this know it’s not easy to be tied down to a bulky heating pack or a corded heating pad, or smelly creams that make you kind of smelly.  For those that suffer from this kind of joint pain, I want to tell you about something I recently got to test out. It is the Bamboo Pro™ Self-Warming Knee Support from The Healing Tree.

The Bamboo Pro™ activates using the body’s own heat that can be felt, but does not get too hot. It gets warm using Bamboo Charcoal Technology.  It also states that if you start to overheat, it will cause a cooling relief.

Here are some more benefits to using Bamboo Pro™

  • Blood Circulation
  • Muscle Relief
  • Achy Joints due to aging
  • Inflammation after workouts
  • Fatigue
  • Soreness
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Discomfort
  • Recovery

I really love the Bamboo Pro™ because it gives people drug free choices for their pain relief.  It provided the right amount of heat for my achy knee, and still allowed me to chase after a 3 year old.  I also love that they come in three different sizes, so I could pick the support that fit me best.

There was only thing I do not like is the Knee Support that I received contains latex, and I have a mild latex allergy, so it made me a little itchy.

If you are interested in purchasing your very own Bamboo Pro™ product, you can do so on their website. The knee support like I got, runs about $20, but they also have support products for pretty much every joint.

You can also connect with The Healing Tree Store on the following social medias:

You can also enter to win a knee support in your size.  All you have to do is fill out the form below and complete the entries.  You are welcome to enter anytime between now and 1/09/15 at 11:59pm. Remember the more entries you complete the greater your chance is of winning.



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