auto kick matBack in December “Daddy Marohn” got a new car.  It’s a nice car too, leather seats, and the full package.  One problem we’ve had though is the mud.  It seems like it rained all winter, and the first thing Goose wanted to do when she got in the car is put her muddy little shoes on the back of the drivers seat.  And it was a constant battle with her because she didn’t understand what she was doing wrong.

That’s when we decided to look into a kick matt. The child car seat kick mats by Drive™ Auto Products, are really nice.  They are made from a 100% fiber reinforced commercial-grade material chosen for its durable, washable, flexible, reversible qualities and luxury appearance.

I liked that these kick mats start at by hooking onto the headrest post and then goes all the way to the bottom of the back of the seat and hook on the springs on the bottom of the seat. It was also very very easy to install, and serves it’s purpose.

One thing that I wish that Drive™ Auto Products would change is the fact that there are no pockets.  Yes I know that they like the simplistic design of their kick mats, but I do miss having a spot to keep tissues or toys.

Overall, this is a very good mat, and I am thinking about getting some for the other car, and maybe making my own pockets for it.

If you are interested in purchasing the Drive™ Auto Products kick mat, you can find them on Amazon.


(I tried to get pictures, but they didn’t turn out very well.  I am going to try again when it’s daylight out.)


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