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Getting pregnant, ugh, it comes so easily for some women.  But for others, like myself, it can take years and thousands of dollars in fertility treatments just to even ovulate. For my husband and I, our trying to conceive (TTC) journey was full of heartache and tears.


To start the TCC journey, the best place to start would be to see if you are ovulating. Just because you have a menstrual cycle does not mean you are ovulating, and that can be very frustrating.  [email protected] makes an ovulation prediction kit (or OPKs) that is a quick test that you can take at home to measure the hormone that triggers ovulation, Luteinizing hormone (LH), in your urine.  They are really easy to use, but can be a little difficult to read.  That is a standard though for the two line test.  You have to compare the two lines, and when the control color and the test color are the same, that is when the LH surge is about to take place.  I know when I was trying to get pregnant both times, I used the OPKs once a day starting on cycle day 7 and used them up until cycle day 18.  A few days before the actually positive I could have sworn the two lines were almost the same color, but after really comparing them, and asking for some opinions from others, I realized that the colors were slightly different.  When I finally got the positive OPK, it was very clear that it was a positive.  I should note, that I never got a positive result with the [email protected] OPKs, but that is because I do not ovulate on my own and require medical intervention to ovulate.


Two weeks after you ovulate, you will want to reach for the [email protected] pregnancy test. They are a lot like the OPKs.  They are used by testing your urine.  However, if you ever get two lines on a pregnancy test in the amount of the time specified on the instructions, you are probably pregnant.


When you purchase the [email protected] kit from Amazon, you will get 50 ovulation test and 20 pregnancy (HCG) test.  In my opinion, I love how they bundle the two tests together, because more than likely, if you need the OPKs, you will need the pregnancy tests as well.

Weather you are already in your ttc journey are ready to start trying for a baby, I would suggest that you pick up one of these kits from [email protected].  That way you will have some help getting pregnant when you want to.



Disclaimer to my family: No, I am not currently trying to get pregnant.  I tested this product and wrote this post in hopes that it might help someone like myself who tried for a very long time to have a baby.

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