For the past few years I’ve had a horrible time with breakouts and dryness on my face.  My PCOS hasn’t really been helping with this issue either.  I have tried face wash after face wash, and every retail product I tried, either made my face oilier or dried out the dry spots more.

Last year, I was at a fall festival and there was a local company there who had this really neat booth with all natural hairspray, soap, and face wash made out of all oil.  I was thinking there is no way this will work, but they convinced me to try it.  And low and behold, IT WORKED!!  My dry spots were hydrated and the oily places where cleaned. I couldn’t believe it.  When I ran out, I could not for the life of me remember the name of the company, so I decided to try to make my own.  So here is my recipe for my combination skin…

For a 4oz bottle:

2oz Castor oil

2(ish)oz Fractionated Coconut Oil From GoPure

15 drops of āVō Essentials Lavender Oil

15 drops of Peppermint Oil

15 drops of Spearmint Oil

15 drops of Lemon Grass Oil

Since the Fractionated Coconut oil is already a liquid just combined that and the castor oil with the essential oils (LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lavender oil from āVō Essentials) in a bowl, give it a quick mix and pour into a 4oz container.

To use, what I do is put like a quarter sized drop onto my hand in the shower, and rub onto my face.  When I am done with my shower, I use a washcloth and gently scrub the oil off.  When my face dries, it may still feel a little oily, but that my skin absorbs that quickly.

I use high quality pure oils, like the GoPure fractionated coconut oil and the āVō Essentials Lavender Oil, so that I am not adding more chemicals and irritants to my skin. I love the fractionated coconut oil for GoPure because I don’t have to melt anything and there is no smell, those are the only benefits that I’ve found with it.  I like the Lavender oil from āVō Essentials because it seems like the quality is a little better than some of the other lavender oils that I have used.

I honestly love trying these two products, even though it’s always to combined more than one product into a review post, I am glad I did with these two products.  They just go so well together.

If you are interested in purchasing either the 100% Pure Fractionated Coconut oil or the  āVō Essentials Lavender Oil you can find them at the links below.

GoPure Fractionated Coconut Oilhttp://www.gopurenaturals.com/collections/body-skin-care/products/fractionated-coconut-oil

āVō Essentials Lavender Oilhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b00u9s6tty

The  āVō Essentials Lavender Oil can be found on Amazon (PRIME!!) and the GoPure Fractionated Coconut can be purchased on their website.


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