2015 Holiday gift guide

Buying gifts for boys is something that I’ve found to be a challenge since my nephew was born.  I grew up with all girls, so I never know what to get him.  I want to get him something he likes, but also something he didn’t think to put on his wish list.  This year he is 7, almost 8, and I have no idea the sort of things he is into other than Minecraft.  I knitted him a hat, but what 7 year old really wants a hand knitted hat for Christmas.

So after doing some looking around and reading what other people recommend, I decided to go with a magic set.

magic set

I found this really neat set on Amazon.  It comes with a cape, a magic card deck, a magic wand, a magic wire ring, and a coin illusion box.

Here is Goose demonstrating the coin trick with a dime.

The card deck is really neat.  They are slightly larger at one end than the other, so as long as the one card you want is the only card facing that direction, and it’s near the middle of the deck, you should be able to find it. Here is a short video.

Overall, this is the perfect gift for my nephew, and I know it will make an awesome Christmas gift for any little kid.  It is definitely Goose approved.

If you would like to add this little set to your shopping list, it can be found on Amazon for about $25, the cape alone is probably worth that much, and you get all the other stuff along with it. Very good value.


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