Happy 7 Months Nora!!!

I am finally getting a chance to post about Nora now that she is 7 months. Yes, I know, 7 months. Where has the last few months gone?

There have been a few new things Nora has learned since her last update. She now sits completely unassisted, bounces to music, plays with toys (not just puts them in her mouth), and can get on her hands a knees like she is going to crawl. She getting so big and smart too. She has two teeth (bottom) and a ton of hair. Her favorite book is “Where’s My Nose?” and she loves to do the “Elmo Slide” (Click here to see it). Michael and I could not ask for a better child.

Happy Six Month Birthday Nora!!!

Nora is growing so much. She now has one tooth and another that should be in any day now. She loves to swim, and we take her any chance that we can get.

Baby Center
Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’

Your baby’s stronger neck and arm muscles allow him to practice rolling over toward one side, a milestone that will probably awe and amuse you. Your baby might adopt rolling as his primary mode of ground transportation for a while, or he may skip it altogether and move on to sitting, lunging, and crawling. As long as your baby continues to gain new skills and shows interest in getting around and exploring his environment, don’t worry.

Rolling over can be fun for your baby, but it can also be nerve-racking for you. Keep a hand on your baby during diaper changes, and never leave him unattended on a bed or any other elevated surface.

Your little social butterfly
At this age your baby not only tolerates attention from others, he’ll often initiate it. Though you may soon notice the beginnings of stranger anxiety, your baby will probably still be fairly indiscriminate: Chances are anyone who approaches him with welcoming eyes or a grin delights him and becomes an instant friend. But don’t worry β€” he still needs and craves lots of love and attention from you.

Your baby is also learning that his behaviors, both the ones you like and the ones you don’t, engage you, so starting now (and for years to come) he’ll do just about anything to get your attention. Right now almost everything he does is endearing, but as he gets older, he’s more likely to get into mischief to provoke a reaction from you. Just don’t forget to give him positive feedback when he’s being good. It’s a great way to start teaching right from wrong.

One thing will become clear: Your baby is beginning to expand his attention-getting repertoire to include more than crying. You may notice him wriggling, making noises, blowing “raspberries,” and so on. Over the next three months, he’ll develop a uniquely personal way of letting you know what he thinks, wants, and needs.

Dressed for success
As your baby starts becoming more active, he’ll appreciate wearing comfy clothes. Opt for soft fabrics that won’t chafe him as he’s moving around. Loose, stretchy, and breathable clothing is also smart as it provides your energetic little one plenty of wiggle room.

Avoid clothes with rough or scratchy seams; long ties, buttons, or bows (could be a choking hazard); and anything else that gets in the way of your baby’s sleeping, crawling, playing, or other regular activities.

20 Things Parents of Angels Wish You Would Remember

1. I wish you would not be afraid to mention my baby. The truth is just because you never saw my baby doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t deserve your recognition. 2. I wish that if we did talk about my baby and I cried you didn’t think it was because you have hurt me by mentioning my baby. The truth is I need to cry and talk about my baby with you. Crying and emotional outbursts help me heal. 3. I wish that you could talk about my baby more than once. The truth is if you do, it reassures me that you haven’t forgotten and that you do care and understand. 4. I wish you wouldn’t think that I don’t want to talk about my baby. The truth is I love my baby and need to talk about him or her. 5. I wish you could tell me you are sorry my baby has died and that you are thinking of me. The truth is that it tells me you care. 6. I wish you wouldn’t think what has happened is one big bad memory for me. The truth is the memory of my baby, the love I feel for my baby, the dreams I had and the memories I have created for my baby are all loving memories. Yes there are bad memories too but please understand that it’s not all like that. 7. I wish you wouldn’t pretend that my baby never existed. The truth is we both know I had a baby growing inside me. 8. I wish you wouldn’t judge me because I am not acting the way you think I should be. The truth is grief is a very personal thing and we are all different people who deal with things differently. 9. I wish you wouldn’t think if I have a good day I’m “over it” or if I have a bad day I am being unreasonable because you think I should be over it. The truth is there is no “normal” way for me to act. 10. I wish you wouldn’t stay away from me. The truth is loosing my baby doesn’t mean I’m contagious. By staying away you make me feel isolated, confused and like it is my fault. 11. I wish you wouldn’t expect my grief to be “over and done with” in a few weeks, months, or years for that matter. The truth is it may get easier with time but I will never be “over” this. 12. I wish you wouldn’t think that my baby wasn’t really a baby and it was blood and tissue or a fetus. The truth is my baby was a human life. My baby had a soul, heart, body, legs, arms and a face. I have seen my baby’s body and face. My baby was a real person. 13. My babies due date, Mothers Day, celebration times, the day my baby died and the day I lost my baby are all important and sad days for me. The truth is I wish you could tell me by words or by letter you are thinking of me on these days. 14. I wish you understood that losing my baby has changed me. The truth is I am not the same person I was before and will never be that person again. If you keep waiting for me to get back to “”normal” you will stay frustrated. I am a new person with new thoughts, dreams, beliefs, and values. Please try to get to know the real me-maybe you’ll still like me. 15. I wish you wouldn’t tell me I could have another baby. The truth is I want the baby I lost and no other baby can replace this baby. Babies aren’t interchangeable. Besides, you do not know whether we have fertility problems too. 16. I wish you wouldn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable talking about my baby or being near me. When you do, I can see it. The truth is it’s not fair to make me feel uncomfortable just because you are. 17. I wish you wouldn’t think that you’ll keep away because all my friends and family will be there for me. The truth is, everyone thinks the same thing and I am often left with no one. 18. I wish you would understand that being around pregnant women is uncomfortable for me. The truth is I feel jealous. 19. I wish you wouldn’t say that it’s natures way of telling me something was wrong with my baby. The truth is my baby was perfect to me no matter what you think nature is saying. 20. I wish you would understand what you are really saying when you say “next time things will be okay”. The truth is how do you know? What will you say if it happens to me again?

Bottle Reviews

When I was pregnant with Nora, I was really worried about which bottles to have on hand. I was planning on breastfeeding, but I did want to pump and have breast milk available so that Michael and other people could feed Nora.

As it turns out, I was not able to make enough milk for Nora, so I started having to supplement in her second week. I was totally heartbroken, since breast milk is the best thing that you can give your child, but now, I am able to do a bottle review for the blog.

So here are the bottles I have tried so far.

  • Bottles at the hospital/ready feed infant formula.
      How can I put this nicely… they are not worth the plastic they are made out of. Nora kept getting choked. They just came out really way to fast for a baby that was used to breastfeeding.
  • Playtex Ventair
      Nora likes this a lot better. However, a word from the wise, be very careful putting them together in the middle of the night. If you don’t have the valve on just right they will leak.
  • Milkbank by Dexbaby
      I was so excited to find these bottles on clearance before Nora was born. I thought that they would be great because you can do a vacuum seal on them to keep breast milk better longer. But when it came to using them, Nora didn’t find them as good as the Ventair. Leaking isn’t as bad with these, but there are still five parts to them, and it makes for a very confusing time when you are eagerly searching for the correct parts while you baby is screaming.
  • MAM Bottles
      I found these bottles at Big Lots. These bottles come with five pieces, and are great! However, they are supper hard to get together correctly, and I have had them leak all over me more than once.
  • Nuk bottles by Gerber
      These bottles are great, and Nora loves them. They are super easy to clean, and only have three pieces to them. The downside is, the hole in the nipple is on the side, so when shaking the formula, you have to pinch the top so that the contents doesn’t fly all over the place. Also, you have to make sure that the hole is up when inserting into baby’s mouth.
  • Avent bottles
      There have been times when this is the only bottle that Nora will take. They are really easy to use and clean. My only complaint with them is the price.
  • Nuby Natural Nurser
      This has to be mine and Nora’s favorite bottle. They are sized, behave, and kind of look just like the breast. I didn’t use the one we had for a long time, because I thought that the nipple would be too fast for Nora, but as it turns out she does just fine with it. You can also by sippy cup spouts and use with the bottle, so it makes it sort of earth and pocketbook friendly. There is, however, one tiny complaint from me. Some of the nipples have little notches in them that have to be lined up just right with the ring, but once you figure it out, there is no problems.
  • I think they are Pamper’s Stages Bottles (not sure, I couldn’t find the exact image of the ones we have)
      These bottles are ok. The ones that we have, the nipples on them are really really fast and Nora tends to get choked every time. I try not to use them.

    That’s all that we have tried for now, there are a few more that I would like to try like the Tommee Tippee.

  • Nora is Five Months Old

    Nora is growing a lot. Last time we were at doctor she weighed 15.5 lbs and was 25″ long. This past week we have noticed that she has gotten more hair, and loves to roll over. She has been a joy to us these past five months, and all the sleepless nights, poopy diapers, extra laundry, is well worth it all. πŸ™‚

    Baby Center
    Homing in on sounds

    Your baby now realizes where sounds come from, and she’ll turn quickly toward a new one. One of the easiest ways to engage her is to jingle a set of keys. Wind chimes are great attention-getters, too.

    Your baby may now be able to recognize her own name and understand that you’re speaking to her when you say it. You may notice that your little one turns her head when you call her or talk about him with others.

    If you want to engage and entertain your baby, all you need to do is talk to her. At this age, babies don’t learn language from the television or radio, so turn them off and use real dialogue instead.

    A growing range of emotions
    Your baby can’t express her emotions in the same complex way that you can. Although she can let you know in clear ways when she’s angry, bored, or happy, her ability to show love and humor are just developing.

    Your baby also shows a strong attachment to you by raising her arms when she wants to be picked up and by crying when you leave the room. She may also give you hugs and kisses.

    And she’s beginning to get the joke β€” she’ll laugh at funny expressions and try to make you laugh, too. Keep the laughter flowing with your silly faces!

    Nora is Four Months Old

    Nora is turning four months old today. I can’t believe that it has already been four months. I keep looking at her pictures that were taken at the hospital, and I think, those clothes don’t even fit her any more and they were huge on her when those pictures were taken.

    Nora loves to sing. Her current favorite songs are “This Old Man”, “Emily”, “The Farmer in the Dale”, and a few others. She has even started trying to sing a long with me, and when she gets tired sometimes she will hum.

    Baby Center

    Beginning to understand the role of language
    Researchers believe that your baby can now understand all the basic sounds that make up his native language. Between this time and 6 months of age, your baby will develop the ability to make some vocal sounds, which means you may hear the words you’ve been dreaming about, namely “ma-ma” or “da-da.” While child development experts say it’s too early for your baby to connect those sounds with you and your partner, that won’t make hearing them any less exciting.

    You can encourage your baby’s attempts at communication by mirroring or imitating his expressions and sounds. He may try to imitate you now, too. Say “baa” and he may try to say it back.

    Reacting when your baby makes noises or tries to say something will help your baby learn the importance of language. It’ll also help him better understand cause and effect. It’s great for his self-esteem, too. He’ll begin to realize that what he says makes a difference.

    Expand on what your baby says and try to give it meaning. For example, you can say, “Yes, that is a ball!” Soon, his “ba” will become “ball.”

    Three Months Ago Today

    I want to apologize for not posting about Nora in a while. As most of you are aware, I have been receiving harassing comments through the blog. Because of the comments I actually have been thinking about shutting the blog down. However, today is a huge milestone for us. Nora turns three months told today.

    So, three months ago today, Michael and I were at St. Mary’s hospital. I had just been through over 29 hours of natural un-medicated labor and had just gotten my epidural. Three hours after the epidural, we had a beautiful daughter, who would not have been here without a lot of medical interventions.

    So I am happy to post A Little About Nora at Three Months. πŸ™‚

    Baby Center
    I know you!
    Even though your baby has been able to recognize you since she was just a few days old, she may now be able to show it. About half of babies this age begin to exhibit an obvious recognition of their parents.

    Most likely she’ll still smile at strangers, especially when they look her straight in the eye and coo or talk to her. But she’s beginning to sort out who’s who in his life, and she definitely prefers you, your partner, and a select few over others.

    Your baby may quiet down and make eye contact with you, or she may search for you in a room and move his arms in excitement or smile when she finds you. She may even find your scent calming and comforting.

    A big spurt is happening in your baby’s brain development that coincides with significant behavioral changes. Your baby is more attuned to the outside world and more sensitive to changes in his environment.

    The part of the brain that governs hand-eye coordination and allows a baby to recognize objects is developing rapidly now. Her hearing, language, and smell have also become more receptive and active. When your baby hears your voice these days, she may even look directly at you and start gurgling or trying to talk back.

    Early language development
    Research shows that babies whose parents speak to them extensively have significantly higher IQs and bigger vocabularies when they get older than other children, so interaction is especially important right now. Set a solid foundation by exposing your baby to a variety of words.

    Talk about your surroundings when you take her for a walk, and point to and identify objects as you roam the grocery store aisles. Your baby can’t repeat these words yet, but she’s storing all the information in his rapidly developing memory.

    If your home is bilingual, your baby will benefit from hearing both languages spoken regularly. Don’t worry if some of his verbal skills seem to lag a bit at first. She’ll not only catch up later, but she may also excel in his general language skills.

    Some people

    Some people just don’t know when to quit.

    Today we received another harassing comment (by the same person) on our blog. Its sad that we have to moderate comments for the blog since its about our baby. We also believe that this person was the same person to break Jennifer’s back wind shield before Nora was born.

    Its just amazing to me how people choose not to be civil.