Words of Encouragement

I was always told that if you do not have anything nice to say to not say anything at all.

Some people were contacting Jennifer regarding various things. And instead of providing solutions they have only provided conflict and/or some degrading comments.

If you have a problem with a problem with knowing what is going on you do not have to be involved. Jennifer spends a lot of time researching different things and getting input from various sources, and nothing is written in stone right now.

Jennifer needs encouragement and support, she is stressed enough already.

Detergents Are Not Created Equal

I have been trying to decide on which detergent to use for Nora’s clothes. I have always heard that Dreft is the best, but since I became pregnant I have been doing more research than ever, so why should this be any different. So, I looked it up. Did you know that Dreft does not claim to be hypoallergenic? Also, did you know that Dreft does contain perfumes?? That got me to wondering, what is ok to wash Nora’s clothes in?

In my research, I found this wonderful website (http://www.pinstripesandpolkadots.com/detergentchoices.htm)that has pretty much every brand of detergent listed that you can think of. First of all I checked Dreft. They rated that detergent with two red stars, which means avoid. Next I checked Purex Free and Clear, which is what we use, and the rating was 3 gold stars. That means it’s pretty good.

I now some people will look at that website and say, well that website is for cloth diapers. If you think about it why would you use something for your child’s cloths and not their cloth diapers? Both are touching your baby’s skin, so why should they be any different.


I think I may have changed my mind about them. I was reading yesterday that giving a child a paci while they sleep can help reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). I am not happy about giving my child something like that, but if it helps keep my child safe, I will do it. I do not plan on giving Nora the paci until she is 3 or 4 weeks old, and stopping it right after she turns one.

Now if I have to figure out which one to go with.

Birth Plan

My birth plan is now finished. YAY!!!! I know some people will have problems with what I have requested, but that is a common occurrence here recently for me.

Here is a little of my birth plan…


  • I would like to be free to walk around during labor.
  • I wish to be able to move around and change position at will throughout labor.
  • I would like to be able to have fluids by mouth throughout the first stage of labor.
  • I will be bringing my own music to play during labor.
  • I would like the environment to be kept as quiet as possible.
  • I would like the lights in the room to be kept low during my labor.
  • I would prefer to keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum.
  • I do not want an IV unless I become dehydrated.
  • Other Labor Preference: heperin/saline block is fine for IV


  • I do not wish to have continuous fetal monitoring unless it is required by the condition of my baby.
  • I do not want an internal monitor unless my baby has shown some sign of distress.

Labor Augmentation/Induction

  • I do not wish to have the amniotic membrane ruptured artificially unless signs of fetal distress require internal monitoring.
  • I would prefer to be allowed to try changing position and other natural methods before Pitocin is administered.

Anesthesia/Pain Medication

  • I realize that many pain medications exist. I’ll ask for them if I need them.
  • Before considering an epidural, and if the situation warrants, I would like to try an injection of narcotic pain relief (Nubain, Demerol, Stadol or similar).


  • Unless absolutely necessary, I would like to avoid a Cesarean.

Immediately After Delivery

  • I would like to have my husband cut the cord.
  • I would like to hold my baby for at least 15 minutes before (he/she) is photographed, examined, etc.
  • I would like to have my baby evaluated and bathed in my presence.
  • I plan to keep my baby near me following birth and would appreciate if the evaluation of my baby can be done with my baby on my abdomen, with both of us covered by a warm blanket, unless there is an unusual situation.
  • If my baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, my husband or some other person I designate will accompany my baby at all times.


  • I would like a private room, if available.
  • Unless required for health reasons, I do not wish to be separated from my baby.
  • I would like to have my baby “room in” and be with me at all times.


  • I would like to take still photographs during labor and the birth.


  • I would prefer that no students, interns, residents or non-essential personnel be present during my labor or the birth.
  • Other Other Preference: I would like my support people to be present during labor but not delivery.
  • Other Other Preference: Only my husband is to be present for delivery.

A Little About Baby at Week 17

Baby Center
Your baby’s skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — her lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. Your baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and she’s around 5 inches long from head to bottom. She can move her joints, and her sweat glands are starting to develop.

The Bump
Baby’s skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. His umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes now feature one-of-a-kind prints.

Pregnancy Today
Your baby’s main job this week is to plump out. She’s now about the right size to fit into your palm, and is developing a layer of fat under her skin. This will help keep her warm after the birth, but for now, your amniotic fluid does the job for her, keeping her at a constant 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 Celsius), slightly warmer than your own body temperature.

Your baby is now recognizably either a boy or a girl, with a visible penis and testes or a fledgling uterus and vagina. If you’re having a girl, she already has around two million eggs in her ovaries. Connections are constantly forming in her brain, meaning she has more control over her limbs, fingers and toes. Her blood circulation is well established, and the umbilical cord is becoming thicker and longer to transport oxygen and nutrients into her body. Your baby and the placenta are almost the same size.

You are 17 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 15 weeks)

  • The umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger.
  • Fetus weight is just over 5 ounces (150g).
  • Baby is about 5 inches (14cm) long crown to rump.
  • and would be about 9 inches (23cm) head to toe, if it could stretch out.
  • The retina has become sensitive to light.
  • The first stools (meconium) are now beginning to accumulate.

They recycle the amniotic fluid by swallowing up to a litre a day. Meconium (composed of products of cell loss, digestive secretion and swallowed amniotic fluid), is accumulating in the bowel. Fat stores begin to develop under your baby’s skin this week. The fat will provide energy and help keep your baby warm after birth.

Baby’s eyes are looking forward now, but they are still firmly closed. The skeleton is tranforming from cartilage to bone. The bones remain flexible to make the journey through the birth canal easier. You can feel your uterus just below your bellybutton. If you put your fingers sideways and measure, it is about two finger-widths (1 inch) below your bellybutton. Your uterus is the size of a cantaloupe.

The crown to rump length of your growing baby is 5 to 5.6 inches (12.5 to 14cm) by this week. Weight of the fetus is about 5.25 ounces (150g).

Tomorrow’s Ultrasound

I am so nervous! Not because I don’t think the baby will “reveal” the “goods”. I am nervous that something might go wrong or the their might be something wrong with the baby.

If you remember back in November, a routine ultrasound was how we found out that our first baby was no longer living, and now every time I have an ultrasound, I am afraid of a repeat diagnosis. I keep thinking in the back of my mind that having this baby is too good to be true!

Please pray that my worst fears will not come true tomorrow, and pray that the baby is doing well. If you want to throw in a little extra pray for the baby to cooperate, that would be nice too. 😀