So I finally got up the nerve to schedule my first real OB appointment last week. I have decided to go with Dr. Kimberly Roberts at Contemporary Women’s Health. I read some very good reviews on Vitals.com about her, and decided that’s who I was going to go with. They have a wonderful website if you want to check it out. The website is http://cwhobgyn.com/

Along with all the normal stuff that an OB/GYN would offer they also offer the 3-D ultrasound (no Michael you cannot bring your 3-d glasses) and an Licensed Aesthetician! I was very surprised to see that they offered that service. That made me feel more comfortable in choosing her for some reason.

Ultrasound Tomorrow

We have another ultrasound tomorrow. I am very excited, but at the same time still terrified. I have made it to 10 weeks, and I know that is better than last time. But I think the only thing that will ease my fears is when I have this baby safe in my arms. Prayers for tomorrow will be helpful.

Baby Names

So we are trying to come up with a really cool not so common name for the baby. We are not sure if the baby will be a boy or a girl yet, but we would like to have a name for each gender picked out. If you would like to see our name list, please click on the box below, or click to see the comment.

VOTE on my Name List

We had our first ultrasound today! Everything looks great. We saw the heartbeat, and I cried. Here are the pictures from today.