Recently I have become absolutely addicted to prize candles.  I have tried several different brands, and I LOVE them all.  One of the most unique prize candles I’ve seen is Precious Gem Candles.  These prize candles do not contain rings, earrings, or necklaces; they contain loose gem stones.

I recently got the orange creme and a tropical papaya Precious Gem Candles.  I love these highly fragrant candles because they made from an all-natural and clean burning soy wax blend.  What that means is that is safe to have in your home and there will be no black stuff every where.

Why is soy wax better than paraffin wax you may ask?  Well I asked the same question when I started reviewing Precious Gem Candles and the Jewelry In Candles tarts I reviewed before.  Here is what I found in my research.  Candles that are made from paraffin wax contain petroleum, and when burned the petroleum smoke/exhaust can contaminate the air we (and our children) breath with toxic carcinogens.  If you ask me, that is kind of scary.

Not only are Precious Gem Candles safe to have around your home, but they smell AWESOME too.  I have to say that the Orange Creme, with it’s blend of orange sorbet and vanilla ice cream scents, it really does smell like a creamsicle.  The Tropical Papaya, reminds me of Tropical Twist gum from Trident.  Both of the candles smell AWESOME!!

When getting to your prize, you will need to have some patience. For me, the orange creme candle took about 6 hours of burn time to get to the gem, and the tropical papaya took about 4 hours.  The burn time may be different for you, it just depends on where they have placed your gem.

Here is a video of my Precious Gem Candles gem reveal.

The best way that I found to get them out is to use a spoon, and kind of dig around the container.  Make sure you have paper towels handy (if you see me run away in the video, that’s what I am running to get because I forgot that part)!  Once you pull out your gem from the container, there will be a code and a link on the paper that in the baggy with your gem.

This the the gem I got from the orange creme Precious Gem Candle.  If you go to, you will see that I got a Rhodolite Garnet (Goose’s birthstone!!) The page tells me a little about the gem, and where they are found naturally.  If you then go over to, you can give them your code (on this one it was P-7x5mm-AAA), and they will give you the market value of your gem!  
Within 24 hours of me posting on their wall, I had the market value of my gems!  Both of them are worth $20-$25, and I couldn’t be happier.  
If you are wondering what you can do with the gems once you uncover them?

I put mine in my locket (I already had get it from Origami Owl), they are available on Precious Gem Candles website.  You can also set the gems in earrings, rings, pendants and more!
If you are thinking you might just have to have a Precious Gem Candle they run about $44.95 (plus shipping and tax), and you can purchase them on their website
You can also connect with Precious Gem Candles on the following social networks:
If you would like to try and win your very own Precious Gem Candle, you can enter anytime between now and April 22, 2014 at 11:59pm. 


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  1. I would definitely choose Tropical Papaya – HOWEVER – if I win I am letting my daughter-in-law choose the scent, because she really, really, wants one!

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