Untitled 6Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been noticing little fingerprints all over our stainless steel appliances. I mean EVERYWHERE!  I was really glad that I had the stainless steel microfiber cleaning cloth from Pro Chef Kitchen Tools to help clean all of those little prints off of everything.

The Pro Chef Kitchen Tools microfiber cloth was really soft and velvety so I was not afraid that it would scratch my stainless steel at all.  The waffle design was also great!  There were absolutely no streaks or any remaining moisture after cleaning.  I was very impressed!

The cleaning cloth was really easy to use, too.  I just put a tad bit of plain water (yes just plain old H20) on it, and cleaned like I normally would.  In no time, the fingerprints and grime were long gone.

I would love to upload a video here, but unfortunately, my camera once again will not cooperate.  So, if my camera ever decides to be on my side, I will try to do a video review of the cleaning cloth so it is clearer on how it works.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools microfiber cleaning cloth for stainless steel, you can find them on Amazon (Prime) here.

As of today, a 1 pack is about $10, but that one cloth will give you tons of cleaning power!


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