Seeds of Love is a very unique and cute way to spread love and cheer.  The seed packets are actually very cute little greeting cards.  Each packet holds a high quality organic seed mixture of Delphinium, Xinna, Calendula, Celosia, and Sunflower seeds.



The back of the Seeds of Love package recommends that you can plant all year long, but to make sure you plant in 5-7mms of soil in full sun.  I would have reccomend that, if it’s cold outside, that you plant indoors and wait until the threat frost is over to move outdoors.


I know for us, once birthdays and holidays are over, we never know quite with to do with the cards family members and loved ones sent us.  When you give a Seeds of Love greeting card, your family and friends can remember the love and kindness that was behind the special occasion throughout the year, by planting the seeds that are found inside.

With packets that say “I Love You”, “Happy Birthday”, “Thank You”, “Congratulations”, and “Happy Holiday”, there will never be a happy occasion where you couldn’t use the Seeds of Love greeting cards.

seeds of loveI love how versatile the Seeds of Love packets are.  You can give them as a card on their own, or you can put them in a card as like a little extra gift. Goose and I decided last night to make her friends some Valentine cards.  She thought it would be a great idea to add the Seeds of Love packets inside the cards for her grown-up friends.  They are going to be so surprised when they open their cards, and Goose had a ton of fun too.

Each Seeds of Love box contains ten packets of seeds that are ready to be handed out to your loved ones. I plan on giving some out for Valentines day, and may end up putting Valentine stickers are the ones that are for other occasions since the package looks like it could be for any time of the year.

If you would like to purchase your very own box of Seeds of Love greeting cards, you can find them on Amazon.  Currently the price on the box of 10 packets is about $20, but well worth the price if you are looking for something a little extra for a gift.


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