As most of us know Father’s day is next month, and if you didn’t know, Father’s day is June 19th.  I have decided to come up with a few ideas of gifts you can give your dad this year.

IMG_0981The Marky vacuum insulated tumbler is very high on my list for Father’s Day gift ideas.  I am in love with this tumbler, and I think everyone should have one.

If you have not heard about the vacuum insulated tumbler craze, here is the deal.  These tumblers will keep a beverage ice cold or very hot for hours.  With the Marky tumbler, I have been able to keep coffee hot for about 4ish hours!!  That is a huge deal when you forget you made coffee to begin with. The tumbler works just as well to keep drinks cold, when I tried it, I took water from the fridge, and it kept it cold for at least 3 hours, beyond that I don’t know, I got thirsty…

The Marky tumblers are 20oz and are made from high quality food grade stainless steel.  If you were thinking about getting one of those name brand tumblers, stop, this one is literally more than half the cost of the name brand, and it works just as well.  You can find the Marky tumblers on Amazon, and, like I said before, would make an awesome Father’s Day gift.


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