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Child Car Seat Kick Mats by DRIVE™Auto Products Review

auto kick matBack in December “Daddy Marohn” got a new car.  It’s a nice car too, leather seats, and the full package.  One problem we’ve had though is the mud.  It seems like it rained all winter, and the first thing Goose wanted to do when she got in the car is put her muddy little shoes on the back of the drivers seat.  And it was a constant battle with her because she didn’t understand what she was doing wrong.

That’s when we decided to look into a kick matt. The child car seat kick mats by Drive™ Auto Products, are really nice.  They are made from a 100% fiber reinforced commercial-grade material chosen for its durable, washable, flexible, reversible qualities and luxury appearance.

I liked that these kick mats start at by hooking onto the headrest post and then goes all the way to the bottom of the back of the seat and hook on the springs on the bottom of the seat. It was also very very easy to install, and serves it’s purpose.

One thing that I wish that Drive™ Auto Products would change is the fact that there are no pockets.  Yes I know that they like the simplistic design of their kick mats, but I do miss having a spot to keep tissues or toys.

Overall, this is a very good mat, and I am thinking about getting some for the other car, and maybe making my own pockets for it.

If you are interested in purchasing the Drive™ Auto Products kick mat, you can find them on Amazon.


(I tried to get pictures, but they didn’t turn out very well.  I am going to try again when it’s daylight out.)


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Amber Crown Flea and Tick Collar Review

Amber Crown flea and tick collarWe’ve talked about the benifits that Baltic amber has for babies and kids this week, now it’s the furbaby’s turn.  How could Baltic amber help your dog or cat?  Would you believe that it may actually help prevent fleas and ticks?!  I must admit that before I applied to review the Amber Crown Flea and Tick Collar, I had no idea either.

We’ve been using Frontline/Advantage/Advantix for years and years to help prevent a flea infestation again, they worked really well, but I always worried about the chemicals I was putting on my dogs.  I worried for their safety and the safety of the chemicals around Goose and the rest of us.  We really didn’t think we had a choice though.  I knew from my years of working in vet clinics that the “all natural” topical flea products from the store just didn’t work.

Amber Crown Flea and TIck CollarYou are probably asking yourself, how does a rock help prevent fleas and ticks. Well, according to the people at Amber Crown, the Baltic collars work like this.  Baltic Amber is a tree resin that has been fossilized for millions of years.  When the raw Baltic Amber rubs up against your dog or cat’s fur, it causes aromatic terpenes to be released, thus repelling fleas and ticks.  Another way that it works is causes static electricity, fleas and ticks do not like this and let go of the animal.

Amber Crown Flea and Tick COllarSophia doesn’t mind the collar at all.  She has been wearing it for almost a month now, we’ve not seen any ticks.  I have seen some fleas, however, we have been taking the collar off while she was playing with the other dogs or my sister’s dog.  The two fleas we found was when she wasn’t actually wearing the collar, and the fleas were moving really slow so I believe they were dieing.

Amber Crown FLea and Tick Collar


The Amber Crown flea and tick collar has a really nice leather closure.  I was really impressed with the quality of the clasp and the leather.


Amber Crown Flea and Tick CollarThere was one little adjustment that I made to the collar.  The leather strap that closure does not have anything that holds the extra strap down.  I added a small rubber band just to keep that piece down.  It never bothered her, but it irritated me I don’t know how, but it did.

Overall, I am really surprised how well the Amber Crown flea and tick collar has worked.  I may not completely give up using Frontline/Advantage, but maybe not quite as often.

If you are interested in the Amber Crown Flea and Tick Collar, you can find them on Amazon (PRIME!!!).  They are currently about $31, but that is not a bad price considering they do a 100% guarantee for 100 days, and if it works for you then you will have about a year’s work of flea and tick protection in one collar.





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iPhone 6 Pink Leather Wallet Case Review



About a month ago, my mom got a brand new iPhone 6.  This was definitely not her first smart phone, but we know that with 4 grand kids running around, she better get a case right away.  The phone store she was at had a ton of cases, but she really didn’t care for any they had, and to be honest, the cases in the store were really very expensive.


I decided to get her a the pink leather wallet case by ShielderCases for her birthday.  At $25 (PRIME!!) I was a little worried that it would be cheap and would fall apart right away.  However, I have been proven wrong over the last month.  She has dropped the phone herself several times, and I know the grand kids has dropped the phone too, and this case has protected her iPhone very well, and held up really well.


One of the things my mom likes most about the ShielderCases wallet case is the wallet part of it.  She says that it is so much easier to put her id, debit card, and cash in the wallet case.  She also says that it makes one less thing she has to keep up with


Over all she and I are very pleased with the ShielderCases Pink Leather Wallet case.  The $25 that it is currently listed for right now on Amazon is well worth it.  If you are interested in purchasing your own Wallet case, you can do so on Amazon, the case comes in pink, brown, and black.  You can find them here: http://amzn.com/B00QAZ8IIU

Also, if you get a chance, head over to ShielderCases and like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ShielderCases/540758799402336


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