Naked Binder WoodieI recently got to try the coolest thing. Binders that have been laminated in a wood veneered onto the outside and inside. Now, I know this has nothing to do with babies, kids, or parenting, but it does cater to my obsession with office products.

Naked Binder WoodieThese Naked Binders are really neat. They come in birch and cherry, and are made from eco friendly and sustainably sourced materials. (That makes it fit into this blog right???) There are two sizes too; 1″ d-rings and 1.5″ d-rings.  The 1″ holds about 220 sheets of regular notebook paper, and the 1.5″ holds about 350 sheets.


There are tons of ways to use these binders.  You can use them for school, work, or home.  My sister is actually using them for her photography business and to hold her portfolio.  The binders look very professional, and have gained a lot of comments on how good they look.


The only problem with the binders that I have had is one of the binder’s wood veneer cracked at the spine.  It’s no big deal, and I wouldn’t have noticed it if I had not heard it pop.

If you would like to purchase some of these Necked Binders, you can find them on the Necked Binders website.  The 1″ size will be about $15 per binder, and the 1.5″ is about $16 per binder.

Overall, these binders, although a little pricey, and very beautiful and well worth the cost if you are needing to make an awesome impression.Disclaimer

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