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For a while now I am been taking omega-3 fish oil, and then I heard about omega-6’s.  I had no idea that you should be taking a balance of the two.  Actually, according to WebMD, you should be taking a ratio of 1:1 or 2:1 omega6 to omega3.  The SureKrill by Herbal Gist combines the Omega6 and 3 in perfect balance to omega 9 (which is a fatty acid that does not NEED to be supplemented, but does not hurt).

The benefits of the omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 are pretty long.  They contain DHA and EPA, which help with stiffness in the joints. The omegas can also help with cholesterol (good and bad), brain function, PMS, blood pressure, asthma, and ADHD.

I’ve only been taking the SureKrill for a few weeks now, and I have not noticed any difference from the fish oils I was taking other than the fact I only have to take 1 v/s 3 of the fish oil.  My husband took the SureKrill for a few days and he noted that he would have trouble sleeping if he took it at night.

Overall, I like it.  I am not sure if I was supposed to notice any difference in anything by now or not.  I would recommend based on the fact that everyone needs to be taking omega 3 and 6 daily.

If you would like to have a chance to try the SureKrill for yourself, you are welcome to enter below.  There will be three winners this time, so tell your friends and family too!!

You can also find SureKrill on Herbal Gist’s website here: http://herbalgist.com/products/surekrill