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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I L-O-V-E coffee!  That is why I was so excited to try the 100% Guatemala coffee from Two Volcanoes.

Two Volcanoes CoffeeThis whole bean coffee available on Amazon, is really good.   The smell makes my whole house smell wonderful when I open the bag.  The Two Volcanoes coffee has a nice smooth flavor with notes of floral, spice, and maybe some chocolate. And if you are like me and enjoy coffee all throughout the day, this is a good one that can be enjoyed at any time.

Two Volcanoes CoffeeThe organic coffee beans from Two Volcanoes is grown at 6,000 ft above sea level, and are processed using a wet method, which ensures that each bean is evenly dried to perfection.

Two Volcanoes Coffee


Overall, I loved this coffee, and I think I might purchase some more when this bag runs out.

If you are interested in purchasing some Two Volcanoes Coffee, like I said above, you can do so on Amazon. Last I checked (12/31/14) they were currently waiting on a restock, but I wouldn’t think they should be out too much longer.


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